I have a simple method of having web pages, self contained, which require you to enter a password to read. In short, my script read in the original html, encrypts with AES using the password, turns that into base64, then into a javascript statement of the form
and tries to decrypt this with the given password, replacing either document.body.innerHTML or the entire document with the result if successful.

Replacing the entire document, according to a stackexchange answer, is via

document.open('text/html');document.write('<!DOCTYPE HTML><html>...</html>');document.close();

The other issue is images. For this, on Linux, one can do e.g.

base64 imagename.jpg | sed "s/=/%3D/"
to get a base64 representation of an image. Then to include it, use
<img src="">
where BASE64DATA is your base64 data from the previous step. This allows the file to be self-contained.